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Keynote Lecture

Thermoplastic Foams: Versatile Cellular Materials for Multifaceted Applications and Markets

Wednesday (24.10.2018)
13:00 - 13:40
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Thermoplastic foams are unique cellular materials, as they combine low-weight with outstanding properties in terms of energy absorption and recovery, as well as thermal and acoustic insulation performance. Since their introduction more than 70 years ago, new foams with superior properties have steadily been developed, and their potential still seems far from being tapped. New formulations and technologies, developed within the last years, gave access to unique and innovative materials and systems. Variation of foam structure and morphology, together with a wide choice of matrix polymers and additives, opens up a broad spectrum of properties and property combinations, respectively. In particular, in the field of particle foams, which in addition to their intrinsic material properties offer great flexibility in design of final parts, substantial progress has been made. As a result, polymer foams are successfully used as sustainable and tailor-made solutions in a multitude of applications. In this paper, selected activities of polymer foam research at BASF and recently introduced products as well as selected applications will be presented.